I am doG



I am doG looks into a familiar yet disorienting reality. One defined by uncertainty, confusion and contradictions. A reality that is mine.


Overwhelmed by images and information, it seems that at times discerning fact from fiction seems impossible. It all blends into a fragmented reality, or hyperreality according to Baudrillard, that I try to reassemble with these composites. Disturbing, uncanny and sometimes outright absurd each photorealistic composite troubles our perception of the real. Anonymous, faceless, and manipulated, these almost human forms appeal to body language for the conveyance of meaning in a place where the banal and the familiar become a site of both introspection and isolation.

Exhibition view “Unbodied Parties”, Paris College of Art 2023
I am doG can also be read as “I am God”, a reminder that in this reality, although we humans believe ourselves to be the dominant species, we fail to see that just like a dog, we’re merely another animal coping with our own creations.