In a place I have no desire to call to mind

photo zines


The project is an exercise on the construction of a documentary narrative. It consists of three photo zines presenting the same sequence of images but paired with different iterations of AI-generated text. The different textual narratives nudge the viewer to see the images in a different light and point to the ambiguity and subjectivity of reading images.


The structure of the work draws inspiration from the nouveau roman and the anti-novel literary genre and aims to fragment and distort the stories presented. The flexibility in the structure encourages the reader to become the real protagonist of the stories, allowing them to fill in the gaps created by the images and text.

The black and white photographs also reference the history of documentary photography as depictions of the “real”. Questioning their indexical value as direct representations of reality, the images are also staged and draw inspiration from depictions in the documentary tradition. By integrating AI- generated text as an unreliable narrator, the project ultimately questions how images are read under different constructed contexts, inviting the reader to jump from one story to another.